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Thousand Oaks Wrongful Death Lawyer

When it is discovered that there were preventable circumstances surrounding a loved one's untimely death, the absence of such an individual can be extremely painful and bitter.

When it is discovered that there were preventable circumstances surrounding a loved one's untimely death, the absence of such an individual can be extremely painful and bitter. Although the law cannot expedite the grieving process or undo this wrongful death, it does provide a window of opportunity for members of the surviving family to hold those responsible accountable for dangerous and negligent misconduct.

Law firms specializing in wrongful death in the Thousand Oaks area have years of experience fighting for the consolation and rights of families.

Wrongful Death Laws in Thousand Oaks

A case is classified as wrongful death when a responsible party behaved with misconduct and or negligence. In such cases, certain members of the family have the legal right to obtain compensation for damages. Putting forth a suit for wrongful death makes you eligible for compensation in the categories of medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of income, loss of affection, community, and love.

The statute of limitations in the State of California maintains that such charges must be brought to court within two years of the wrongful death.

Choosing A Lawyer

Location and preservation of witnesses and evidence are critically important in such cases, so it is essential that you go out and hire an attorney with knowledge, experience, and commitment to spend the necessary time understanding what happened. By demonstrating to the jury what losing your loved one meant, you will have the best chance of obtaining the most favorable outcome.

What Constitutes Wrongful Death?

The details of a claim in the wrongful death category can vary depending on the case. Yet, there are typically 3 common elements found in every case. These include negligence, correlation, and damages.

If the wrongful death was the result of another individual's negligence or malicious actions, it could be that a doctor is treating a patient who was the victim of a reckless driver. There must always be a clear correlation between the death of the victim and that of the other person's actions. Finally, the negligence should be proven to have caused losses and damages in the form of medical bills, future earnings, comfort, loss of society, and funeral expenses, among many other things.

Wrongful death comes in many forms, yet many of the more common cases include medical malpractice, drunk driving, nursing abuse, product liability, car accidents, and dangerous medications.

Generally speaking, the surviving children or spouses of the deceased have legal grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit under 377.60 of the California Code of Civil Procedure.

Best Wrongful Death Lawyers in Thousand Oaks

Wrongful death cases in the Thousand Oaks region can award clients millions of dollars when partnering up with an experienced firm like Bojat Law Group. With a near perfect track record, this legal team knows how to win even the most challenging of cases in this category. Set up a free consultation at no obligation to you today to learn more about the services offered and why they are the best in the Greater Los Angeles region.

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