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Whether you’re riding a bicycle to save money or just riding for exercise or pleasure, there’s no denying the risk of getting in a crash.

Whether you’re riding a bicycle to save money or just riding for exercise or pleasure, there’s no denying the risk of getting in a crash. Bicycle accidents can be devastating, resulting in pain, emotional trauma, and long-term physical impairment. A bicycle accident attorney can assist in getting you financial compensation if you’ve been in an accident. Our injury accident lawyers are dedicated to representing accident victims in Woodland Hills.

What Are the Leading Causes of Bicycle Accidents?

Most bicyclists ride defensively when caught in traffic. They carefully adhere to the rules of the road and good safety practices. However, this isn’t always enough to prevent a collision.

Some leading causes of bicycle accidents in Woodland Hills are distracted drivers, running red lights or stop signs, speeding, and driving under the influence. Others are reckless drivers, speeding, bad weather conditions, fatigued driving, and bicycle defects.

Common Injuries in a Woodland Bicycle Accident

The lack of protection may cause bicyclists to suffer severe or catastrophic injuries. Our Woodland Hills bicycle accident attorney can help you recover compensation for expenses incurred.

Some typical wounds sustained by bicycle riders include broken bones, head injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputation, road rash, abrasions, and back and neck injuries.

How Much is a Bicycle Accident Case Worth?

We have the best accident lawyers who know how to negotiate personal injury cases and deal with insurance companies appropriately. However, the compensation you get depends on your injury type.

The severity of your injury also determines the settlement amount you’ll receive. An example is someone with a spinal cord injury. Such a victim will get more compensation than someone with soft tissue injuries. In addition, your medical bill for present and future medical treatment also determines the settlement you’ll receive.

Furthermore, your settlement offer increases if you can prove pain and suffering. Finally, if you had to stay away from work while recovering, the judge/jury will consider your lost wage or loss of earning capacity when awarding compensation.

Role of a Bicycle Accident Attorney in a Bicycle Accident

A bicycle accident attorney is crucial if you’ve been in an accident. There are many services that the lawyer offers. For example, a bicycle accident lawyer can help you prove liability and ensure the other party does not apportion any blame to you. Gathering evidence is also one of the roles of a bicycle accident attorney.

Additionally, filing a claim requires dealing with insurance carriers, and an accident attorney can help you negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance provider to ensure maximum settlement. We’ll also help file lawsuits and appeals when necessary and offer legal advice on the right step.

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