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Uber/Lyft Accident Attorney Westlake Village

If you or someone you love has been involved in an Uber/Lyft car accident in Westlake Village, contact an experienced Uber/Lyft accident attorney in Westlake Village today. Check out this article on Uber/Lyft accidents in Westlake village.

The aftermath of Uber/Lyft accidents can be terrifying for victims, not knowing who is liable for the injuries suffered as a result of the accident, and trying to recover both financially and mentally. At Bojat Law Group, we can help set you on the path to both financial and mental recovery, by holding the at-fault party liable for your injuries, providing you with the support you need to obtain the best outcome for your case, and litigate aggressively on your behalf, for you to obtain maximum compensation.

Learn about the causes of Uber/Lyft accidents, who is liable for damages in an Uber/Lyft accident, Uber’s policies and liability insurance, what to do when involved in a ridesharing accident, and why you need an experienced Uber/Lyft accident attorney Westlake village.

Causes of Uber/Lyft accidents

There are a wide range of reasons your Uber/Lyft accident may have taken place. Here are some of the common causes of Uber/Lyft accidents in Westlake village.

Distracted driving – distracted driving includes texting while driving, and being distracted by other electronic devices while driving.

Negligence – involving in negligent behaviors such as wrong-way driving, disobeying traffic signs, reckless driving, and speeding.

Bad weather conditions – bad weather conditions can limit visibility and create unsafe driving conditions.

Product liability – including defective cars.

To file a lawsuit, the cause of your injuries must be determined, and the party responsible for the injuries suffered. If more than one party’s actions contributed to your accident, they may all be held liable for damages.

Who is liable for damages in an Uber/Lyft accident?

It is often tricky to find the party liable for damages in a ridesharing accident. Liability changes depending on whether or not the ridesharing app was on, the Uber/Lyft driver caused the accident, or a third party caused the accident.

You might be able to pursue compensation from the rideshare company, the Uber/Lyft driver, or a third party depending on the circumstances of the accident. If more than one party contributed to your injuries, you can potentially pursue compensation from the parties involved. Our experienced Uber/Lyft accident attorney, Westlake village, can review your case and determine the party, or parties liable for damages.

The Rideshare Company’s liability

The rideshare company can only be held liable when the driver engages with the app, depending on three situations.

  1. The Uber/Lyft driver was logged into the app and was waiting for a ride request.
  2. The Uber/Lyft driver was on their way to pick up an accepted rideshare passenger.
  3. The Uber/Lyft driver is driving the passenger to their destination.

There are different insurance requirements, Uber and Lyft heed, depending on the situation of engagement.

If the Uber or Lyft driver already accepted a ride request and was driving to pick up the rideshare passenger, or the driver already had a rideshare passenger during the time of the accident, a primary commercial coverage of up to $1,000,000 may apply.

If the Uber or Lyft driver was logged on the app, and waiting for a ride request, a contingent coverage of up to $100, 000 may apply. With a limit of $50,000 for death and bodily injury coverage per person.

The Uber/Lyft Driver liability

The Uber/Lyft driver can be held liable for damages if they are responsible for the accident, had the rideshare app turned off at the time of the accident, or they were driving in their free time. The driver may be protected by additional insurance through Uber, or Lyft, but he is still liable for damages, and must use his auto insurance to cover damages the victim incurred as a result of the accident.

Third-party liability

If a third party is responsible for the accident, you can pursue compensation from the third party. Third parties may include;

  • Vehicle manufacturer, in a case where the accident was caused by a defective car.
  • Another driver, including other vehicle drivers such as motorcyclists.
  • Commercial vehicle drivers, including truck drivers.

Sometimes, multiple parties may be liable for the accident. Speak to your Uber/Lyft accident attorney in Westlake Village, to guide you on how you may proceed.

What to do when involved in a ridesharing accident

Here are the steps to take when involved in a rideshare accident, if your injuries aren’t severe.

  • Gather evidence; as with any accident case, you have to prove fault. Your Uber/Lyft accident attorney would, later on, assist you in gathering as much evidence to hold the at-fault party liable, but immediately after the accident, take photos, videos, and notes of the accident scene. This would help prove your case.
  • Call the police; call the police immediately to the scene of the accident, to ensure you have a police report.
  • Seek medical attention – regardless of the severity of your injuries, seek medical attention. If you are visibly hurt, call 911.
  • Do not speak with any company representative or sign any document without seeking the counsel of your attorney.

Why you need an experienced Uber/Lyft accident attorney in Westlake Village

Both Uber and Lyft rideshare companies have the resources to employ the services of experts and professionals to fight your claim. You need a skilled Uber/Lyft accident attorney to advocate and negotiate aggressively on your behalf, to ensure you obtain the maximum compensation needed for your recovery.

At Bojat Law Group, our experienced Uber/Lyft accident attorney in Westlake village, would assist you through the process of insurance claims, and obtain important documents needed to file your claim including medical reports, police reports, and build a strong claim on your behalf.

With an experienced rideshare attorney on your side, you will get a higher settlement for damages suffered due to the accident.


To obtain the best outcome for your case, you need to involve an Uber/Lyft accident attorney from the beginning. At Bojat Law Group, we are committed to helping Uber victims in obtaining maximum results.

Contact an experienced Uber/Lyft attorney today.