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Truck Accident Lawyer Oxnard

Truck accidents can be devastating for victims. An Oxnard truck accident lawyer can help you seek justice and retribution. Contact us for a free case review.

Trucks are a regular sighting in Oxnard. Big rigs, such as trucks, semi-trucks, and tractor-trailers regularly travel through Oxnard highways and streets. This puts motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists at risk of severe injuries in a collision with these vehicles.

Truck accidents can result in devastating and catastrophic injuries because of the size of trucks.

Truck accidents are usually life-altering, and victims of truck accidents may suffer severe depression, social dependency, anxiety, and other forms of emotional distress in addition to the injuries resulting from the accident. Also, truck accident victims have costly medical bills and other financial losses to worry about.

If you or your loved one has been involved in a truck accident in Oxnard, contact an Oxnard truck accident lawyer to help you understand and protect your right to compensation, as well as assist you in filing your truck accident claim.

Bojat Law Group, APC is devoted to helping truck accident victims get their life on track. Let us help you hold the party responsible for the accident accountable for your injuries and the losses you suffered as a result.

Truck accident statistics in Oxnard

Trucks are common in Oxnard due to the commercial activities in the city. Oxnard is an agricultural city and a distribution center of agricultural products. Passenger vehicles come in contact with trucks every day on Oxnard freeways, and this puts them at risk of involvement in a truck accident.

In 2018, Oxnard ranked second place in traffic accidents in California. Pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists are killed each year in truck accidents. In 2020, California recorded a total of 12,584 truck accidents, both fatal and non-fatal.

Common causes of truck accidents in Oxnard

Even though there are regulations implemented to reduce truck accidents, by ensuring truck drivers get enough rest, and banning the use of cellphones by commercial drivers, truck drivers and trucking companies still engage in reckless and negligent behaviors. Some common causes of truck accidents in Oxnard include;

Impaired driving— driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol or driving while impaired by stress and fatigue.

Truck drivers work long hours, up to 10 hours a day. Even though certain regulations keep truck drivers from being stressed and fatigued while driving, truck accidents still occur because of fatigued drivers.

In California, driving under the influence is a crime with severe consequences. But sadly, it still happens. Trucking companies are required to properly and regularly screen drivers for signs of substance abuse.

Negligence— negligent acts such as reckless driving, driving while distracted, and others.

Inadequate training— there are particular driving skills truck drivers should possess. If truck drivers are not well trained to drive large trucks, they may not know how to control the vehicle or judge distances.

Driver error— truck drivers can make errors in judging distances, failing to check blind spots, making improper turns, and others.

Product liability— defective vehicles. When this happens, it is not the fault of the truck driver or the truck company. The fault is from the manufacturers of the truck.

Vehicle malfunction— to run smoothly, trucks are regularly inspected and maintained. Vehicle malfunction, such as failed brakes can pose serious risks to surrounding motorists.

To file a truck accident lawsuit, the cause of your accident must be determined. Our skilled truck accident attorneys in Oxnard would investigate the accident to find out the party responsible, and the cause of your accident, then file a claim against them. We have all the resources to build you a strong claim and ensure you obtain maximum compensation.

Determining liability in a truck accident

There are three types of truck drivers, and determining liability in a truck accident may depend on the kind of driver you were involved in an accident with. They include:

Fully Independent drivers— independent truck drivers are drivers who are the owners of the truck they drive and haul their load.  When involved in an accident with a fully independent driver, he is solely liable for the damages the victim incurs in the accident.

Company truck drivers— company truck drivers are employed by a trucking company to transport loads or cargo. When involved in an accident with a company truck driver, depending on the situation of the accident, the trucking company may be liable for damages.

Contractors— these are truck drivers who are owners or operators of a truck. That is, they either own their trucks and are paid to transport other companies’ cargo, or they lease their trucks from a trucking company. When involved in an accident with a contractor, he may be liable for damages incurred. Also, depending on the situation of the accident, the trucking company or the company transporting the cargo may be held responsible for damages.

When liability is determined, the plaintiff must prove negligence, as the basis for most personal injury claims is negligence.

Because trucks are large and heavy, being involved in a truck accident can pose risks to the health and well-being of the victim. Trucks have certain blind spots which limit visibility. So, truck drivers owe a high duty of care to other road users.

The plaintiff must prove that the truck driver or any party involved owed them a duty of care, there was a breach of duty, the breach resulted in injury, and the victim suffered damages.

The only way to prove negligence is by retaining the service of an experienced Oxnard truck accident attorney, who would help you build a strong case against the at-fault party and their insurance company and negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.

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