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Truck Accident Attorney Calabasas

Truck accidents are common in Calabasas. Every day, drivers in Calabasas share roads with trucks, trailers, and semi-trucks. Contact Bojat Law Group, if you’ve been injured in a truck accident that wasn’t your fault. We will help you obtain maximum compensation.

The weight and size of these vehicles make them dangerous. Because of this, truck accidents and even minor collisions often lead to fatal injuries.

The aftermath of the truck accident usually leaves victims stressed and disoriented. Insurance companies pressuring you to accept a quick settlement, medical expenses, financial burdens, and psychological and emotional trauma may all seem overwhelming.

Let us take the burden off of you. Contact a skilled truck accident attorney from Bojat Law Group to help you get the compensation you need for recovery.

Learn more about truck accidents, determining liability in a truck accident, how to prove negligence, and what a truck accident attorney can help with.

Causes of truck accidents

The common cause of truck accidents in Calabasas is the negligent actions of truck drivers. Other causes of truck accidents include;

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving such as texting while driving and using cell phones
  • Aggressive driving such as failure to yield right of way, improper passing, tailgating, and others
  • Driving under the influence
  • Neglecting traffic signals
  • Bad weather conditions such as storms, rain, and snow
  • Product liability such as vehicle failure
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Unsecured cargo and overloaded trucks

Regardless of the cause of your truck accident and whether it is a shared fault, we will represent you.

What to do following a truck accident

After a truck accident, you may be confused as to what to do. Here is what you should do immediately after a truck accident.

  1. Call 911 to contact the police and necessary emergency workers.
  2. If possible collect evidence of the accident, witness contact information, note down plate numbers, and contact information of the at-fault driver.
  3. Stay in your vehicle if it’s safe, or find a place safe from other road users if possible.

In the days following the accident, you should:

  1. Request a copy of your police report.
  2. Get an estimate of the property damage from your insurance company.
  3. Keep records of out-of-pocket costs incurred from injuries, all medical bills, copies of test results, any relevant medical information, and days of missed work.
  4. Contact a truck accident attorney.

How are truck accidents different from car accidents?

Commercial truck accidents differ from car accidents. Not only because of the size of commercial trucks, but also the unique regulations that apply to each.

There are federal regulatory requirements truck drivers are expected to uphold. For example, driving for not more than 11 hours before taking a break.

Here are some other ways truck accidents are different from car accidents.

The severity of injuries— truck accidents, even minor collisions, can result in fatal and life-damaging bodily injuries, due to the large size of trucks. Such injuries usually result in significant medical expenses.

Insurance policies— truck drivers’ insurance policies are significant compared to car drivers. The total value of truck insurance weighs millions.

Insurance companies will do anything in their power to shift liability to the victim, to avoid large payouts.

Increased property damage— property damage in a truck accident is more significant than in an accident involving two cars.

Higher chances of death— truck accidents have a higher chance of resulting in death.

Multiple parties involved— in a truck accident, other parties may be involved such as the trucking company, truck manufacturers, or the company transporting cargo.

It is imperative to seek legal assistance from a skilled truck accident lawyer to protect your interests and hold all parties involved accountable.

Determining liability in a truck accident

Several parties may be liable for your losses.

  • The truck driver – The truck driver is the immediate person to blame for the accident because they may have acted negligently, thereby causing the accident.
  • The truck company – If the truck driver works for a trucking company, they may be held liable for losses. They are responsible for their employees and may have hired an unfit truck driver.
  • The manufacturer of the truck – In a situation where the accident resulted from a malfunction or a defect, the truck manufacturer may be held liable.
  • Other third parties – Other third parties such as; the company leading the truck and middlemen may be held liable for incurred losses, depending on the situation.

Your truck accident attorney will investigate your accident, and determine the party or parties that may be liable for damages.

How to prove negligence in a truck accident claim

Lawsuits filed to recover compensation for damages in a truck accident are often based on negligence.

Truck driver’s negligence— speeding, operating large-sized trucks on narrow roads, failure to obey traffic signals, failure to see other vehicles, driving for long periods without breaks, and others.

Truck company or company leasing trucks negligence— overloading cargo, failure to monitor truck driver’s hours, failure to keep truck in working condition, hiring an unqualified truck driver, failure to supervise truck driver, and others.

To prove negligence, the victim must show that a duty of care was owed, a duty of care was breached due to negligent behavior, injuries were sustained, and the breach of duty was the cause of the accident.

In a product liability lawsuit, the victim must prove that the defective truck was unreasonably dangerous, the defect originated from the manufacturing process, and the truck was operated as intended by the manufacturer.

You need a skilled truck accident attorney to help you prove your claim. This may be done through investigations and expert analysis.

What does a truck accident attorney do?

Here’s what a truck accident attorney does. They;

  • Build and investigate your case by collecting relevant evidence.
  • Gather relevant information and documents to prove loss. Including medical bills and reports.
  • Identify the parties involved in the accident, and determine liability.
  • Negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.
  • Represent you in court if insurance companies refuse to settle.

Our experienced truck accident attorney, Calabasas, will ensure you obtain maximum compensation for damages including economic and non-economic damages.