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As with any form of travel, there is a significant risk of accidents involved with using ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft.

As with any form of travel, there is a significant risk of accidents involved with using ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft. Facing an accident inside of a vehicle you are paying someone else to drive can often be perplexing, with many clients unsure of their legal rights in such a situation.

If you suffered any injuries from such a scenario, the question becomes whether or not your Uber or Lyft driver is responsible for the medical bills or if you, the passenger, are responsible. The blame could even be placed on the rideshare company. Accidents like this aren’t always clear in comparison to typical car crashes.

The fact of the matter is that both of these popular ride-sharing services possess unique insurance policies to protect both passengers and drivers in the event of a collision.

Levels of Insurance Coverage

Coverage levels vary depending on circumstance, however. For instance, drivers continue to have coverage if they accept trips but aren’t currently holding a passenger. This is their own personal coverage and it places them outside of the policy provided by the rideshare company. On the other hand, the rideshare company’s insurance policy kicks in if the driver is currently on a paid trip, or on their way to a paid trip.

Therefore, the rideshare company provides coverage depending on whether or not they were in the middle of working at the time of the collision. The rideshare policy limits goes from $1 million to several million dollars depending on the circumstances.

Despite the fact that Uber and Lyft operate as independent companies in the same industry, their policies are almost identical when determining if a paid driver qualifies for insurance coverage and how much it’s worth if they do. Furthermore, both ride-sharing companies possess special reporting systems for any accident that may occur when their services are in use. In the event that you have suffered an accident when employing a rideshare app’s services, contact your local law firm specializing in these types of cases.

Problems with Drivers

A major issue with safety when using rideshare services is the complete lack of driver training. Despite the fact that everyone must be licensed to ride a motor vehicle on the road, these rideshare services have extremely loose requirements for hiring. Drivers are only required to meet the minimum vehicle standards and hiring qualifications to immediately begin taking passengers.

A lack of training does not form the basis of legal claims as the drivers themselves are self-employed. They are responsible for their own proficiency, yet the absence of meaningful qualifications beyond the minimum standards set leads to many incompetent drivers who fail to react in an effective manner to hazards or changing conditions on the roadways. This leads to fatal accidents on the worse side of things and serious injury on the better side of things.

Best Uber/Lyft Accident Lawyers In Thousand Oaks

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