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Walking will forever be one of the best, most environmentally-friendly forms of exercise. It is a splendid way to enjoy the sights and weather of the Thousand Oaks region.

Walking will forever be one of the best, most environmentally-friendly forms of exercise. It is a splendid way to enjoy the sights and weather of the Thousand Oaks region. Sadly, according to the California Governor’s Highway Safety Association, nearly 700 pedestrians suffered from injuries in the state in recent times.

This puts pedestrians at serious risk of injury if involved in a collision with a vehicle. Fortunately, there are a number of lawyers specializing in pedestrian accidents in Thousand Oaks that can provide the necessary aid. If you or someone you know is a pedestrian that was involved in an accident with a van, car, truck, or motorcycle while walking down a street or crossing a crosswalk, licensed attorneys can help you receive fair compensation.

Liability for Pedestrian Injury

It is critical to determine who is at fault for accidents that occur between pedestrians and vehicles. The State of California has established laws surrounding right-of-way that are meant to safeguard pedestrians, and providing proof that such laws were broken can ascertain whether or not the driver was being negligent.

In accordance with 21950(a) of the California Vehicle Code, drivers of vehicles are required to yield to pedestrian crossings and allow them the right of way within crosswalks at intersections. This is the case regardless of whether or not they are marked.

Claims for pedestrian accidents form part of the lawsuits for the personal jury. Pedestrians that are injured and desire compensation must demonstrate that the driver of said vehicle was, in fact, negligent. There are several examples that warrant the services of a pedestrian accident lawyer in the Thousand Oaks region. These include fatigued driving, driving in excess of the speed limit, the presence of alcohol and other drugs, operation of a vehicle using a cell phone or some other handheld device, and reckless behavior.

Gathering Needed Evidence

In an accident occurring between a pedestrian and a vehicle, it’s essential to gather the necessary evidence that proves which party was at fault. Attorneys are able to provide assistance to injured victims through photographs, witness statements from other pedestrians or drivers, police reports, and video evidence.

Of course, when filing a claim, the injured pedestrian should be aware that drivers at fault, as well as their personal insurance companies, will make every attempt possible to redirect the blame. Yet, with the help of a seasoned attorney, there can be enough crucial evidence found to prove liability.

Best Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Thousand Oaks

As a civilian, you have every right to walk in public for business or pleasure without fear of injury. In the event that you are struck by a motorist who has failed to utilize proper caution, resulting in you suffering personal injuries, you should file a claim immediately to compensate for losses. Having the right legal counsel on your side increases the probability you will receive the best settlement. Contact Bojat Law Group, experts in pedestrian accidents, today to learn everything you need to know.