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Motorcycles do have enclosed spaces like other vehicles. As such, the damage suffered by riders when faced with an unforeseen accident can be catastrophic.

Motorcycles do have enclosed spaces like other vehicles. As such, the damage suffered by riders when faced with an unforeseen accident can be catastrophic. Inattentive and negligent automotive drivers make it far more complex, dangerous, and difficult compared to driving a motorcycle.

Thousand Oaks Motorcycle Accident statistics

Riding a motorcycle is extremely risky in comparison to any other vehicle. In accordance with data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the risk of a fatal accident is 35 times more for a motorcyclist than for cars, with nearly 80% of crashes resulting in death or serious injury at the very least. It’s critical that other drivers make the effort to pay attention to riders who share the road.

Even in times when negligent drivers are clearly at fault for swerving directly into someone on the road, there may be those who will unfairly place the blame on the motorcyclist. With the aid of an attorney, you’ll have far more bargaining power to convince the jury of a court that you or the victim had no fault in the incident.

If you or someone close to you has been harmed in a motorcycle accident, you should seek legal representation as quickly as possible.

What to do after an accident

In the event that you have been involved in a collision, you can receive the aid of motorcycle accident lawyers in the Thousand Oaks area. Although California laws allow a lane to be shared with motorcycles and other vehicles, negligent drivers can often change lanes and fail to see motorcyclists, causing severe injury.

Remove your presence from the roadway to avoid greater danger and get to safety. Wait before removing your gear and helmet, as your body may still be in shock which prevents you from feeling injuries. Dial 911 as soon as possible to report the incident. Gather all related evidence to the accident through police reports, pictures, and note-taking. Finally, contact a local insurance company and personal injury lawyer. The sooner it is taken care of, the better. Qualified firms can provide immediate aid towards a settlement for your insurance.

Many legal cases in this category see defense attorneys placing the blame on the motorcyclist as if it were their fault. Sadly, such claims are rarely true. These result in thousands of dollars in lost wages and hefty medical expenses that should not be paid on behalf of the rider.  It is therefore important to obtain the assistance of an experienced accident lawyer in the Thousand Oaks region to help you acquire the compensation you deserve.

Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers In Thousand Oaks

As residents of Conejo Valley and Thousand Oaks area, Bojat Law Group have the personal knowledge, aside from years of expertise, experience, and knowledge in dealing with accidents at the fault of negligent drivers versus motorcyclists.  Offering free consultations, Sasha Bojat, Esq. of Bojat Law Group, APC is one of the leading Thousand Oaks Motorcycle Accident Lawyers.  It is important to act fast after you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, in order to preserve all relevant evidence and receive adequate medical treatment and representation.

If you or your loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident in Thousand Oaks, contact the skilled team at Bojat Law Group and schedule a free consultation.