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A victim that suffers from traumatic brain injury will face a significantly complicated life which will impact their family and loved ones forever.

A victim that suffers from traumatic brain injury (TBI) will face a significantly complicated life which will impact their family and loved ones forever. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can result in the victim never being able to work again and support themselves or others. This extends to handling tasks related to everyday living.

Although certain problems related to brain injury are temporary, there are others that demand significant time; from obtaining rehabilitation and medical treatment prior to returning to regular life activities. Others may be forced to permanently retire from labor and concentrate on adapting to their new lifestyle through rigorous coping skills.

While the victim and their family are adjusting to the new medical treatments, there must be a law firm in the Thousand Oaks area to handle the complicated insurance and medical company paperwork that traditionally follows a severe accident.

What Defines a Brain Injury?

When consulting with doctors, many times, the terms traumatic brain injury, head injury, and brain injury are used interchangeably. All of these refer to the same thing. That is, the physical harm your brain and head have sustained when struck by trauma or a solid force.

Head trauma is usually classified as an open or closed case. The former indicates that an object is pierced into the brain through the skull. Conversely, the latter refers to damage to the brain and skull that is sustained when an outside force profoundly affects the head.

How Are Brain Injuries Incurred?

A substantial percentage of individuals develop injuries to the head after facing a serious car accident. Yet, the violent shaking of a child or adult can also result in significant head injuries. Others may include physical assault, sports-related contact, or falling on the job.

Very shortly after the injury, the victim may already begin to develop mild symptoms, including vertigo, dizziness, ear ringing, nausea, or general confusion. If significant time passed or the head injury was extremely severe, the victim may experience worsening symptoms such as vomiting, disorientation, headaches, changes in mood, issues with motor functions, memory loss, seizures, paralysis, and even death.

Action Steps

Given the severity of the various brain injuries listed, victims need to seek aid right away if any of these experiences or events happen. This is particularly true if the injured person lives alone or won’t be able to quickly obtain aid if the complications worsen.

The immediate course of action when faced with a brain injury, is to obtain the correct medical treatment from a doctor while a licensed Thousand Oaks law firm acts to protect your legal rights after accepting the case.

Best Brain Injury Lawyers in Thousand Oaks

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