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Premises Liability Lawyer Woodland Hills

Slipping on a wet floor or tripping on a sidewalk might not seem as serious as a car accident, but it can result in serious injuries.

Slipping on a wet floor or tripping on a sidewalk might not seem as serious as a car accident, but it can result in serious injuries. Property owners and businesses are responsible for creating a safe environment for visitors and customers. If you sustain injuries through no fault of yours on someone’s property, a premises liability lawyer can help you get compensation for your injuries.

The owner or occupier of a property is often aware of the dangerous condition on their premises. However, they failed to take practical steps to protect individuals from accidents.

In such cases, you might be eligible to recover maximum compensation for damages suffered from the help of an attorney. We’ll walk you through the role of a lawyer in premises liability cases.

Types of Premises Liability Claims in Woodland Hills

There are different ways and situations a premises liability claim can emerge. However, below are the most common premises liability claims Bojat Law Group has handled over the years.

Slip and Falls

This usually occurs due to a wet and slippery floor. Other causes of slip and fall accidents include uneven sidewalks, bad carpeting, bad lighting, snowy and icy parking lots and walkways, and damaged stairways.


Most property owners subject the occupants to harm when they fail to carry out routine inspections or provide solutions to concerns like gas leaks, lead paint, and mold accumulation. Sometimes, an occupant could get hurt because the landlord’s negligence violates the local building code.

Stairs and Elevator/Escalator Accidents

This premises liability accident occurs when building owners fail to maintain stairways or elevators. Routine inspections of stairways, elevators, or escalators in stores, shopping centers, or offices can help prevent accidents.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Drownings and near-drownings could occur without proper maintenance of a swimming pool. Sometimes, it’s necessary to use a fence or lock the gates to keep children out.

Negligent Security

Assault in apartments, malls, offices, and hotels could occur because the property management and owners failed to take the necessary steps to protect visitors from security hazards.

The Role of a Premises Liability Lawyer in Woodland Hills

When seeking compensation, you won’t be dealing with the property owner or occupant alone. You’ll also have to face their insurance carrier in Woodland Hills. An injury accident attorney has ample experience in such claims and can help you pursue compensation.

An accident lawyer will also explain your rights and the best course of action for your case. When you hire an injury accident law firm, they will take proper legal action against the occupant or owner of the property where you sustained an injury. A premises liability attorney will prove breach of duty of care and ensure you receive maximum financial compensation for damages.

An experienced attorney knows that property owners will try to avoid liability and will claim that you trespassed or walked into apparent hazards. Your injury accident lawyer will be prepared to address these issues and fully protect your rights

Our Woodland Hills Premises Liability Lawyers Are Ready to Help You

If you or a loved one is harmed in a premises accident, you need to get an experienced lawyer to fight for fair compensation. Our goal at Bojat Law Group is to secure maximum compensation for you.

We’ll swiftly investigate your claim and file the necessary processes within the time permitted by the law. Contact our premises liability lawyers today for more information.