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Simi Valley Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The National Highway Safety Administration has discovered that those who ride motorcycles are close to 30 times more likely to perish in a crash than passengers of traditional cars.

Over the past year, well over 4,000 cyclists died in crashes related to motorcycles. The National Highway Safety Administration has discovered that those who ride motorcycles are close to 30 times more likely to perish in a crash than passengers of traditional cars.

Motorcyclists in the Simi Valley area are proven to be more vulnerable to injury during accidents because they lack a vehicle's protection. Many of the common injuries from accidents include brain trauma, biker's arm, road rashes, broken bones, and spinal cord injuries.

Negligence specifically refers to someone having the responsibility of protecting someone else. If this is failed to be carried out, resulting in someone else being injured, the person who is responsible becomes legally liable. Every driver on the road has a duty of responsibility and care toward others' well-being. This duty of care extends to motorcyclists, but also to passengers.

When Should Simi Valley Motorcycle Accident Victims Get Help

The laws that govern California do not include a statute saying an injured person has the right to claim compensation from parties at fault. Instead, legal representatives must turn to the common law, which represents major court decisions.

Through an examination of such decisions and their use of them in arguments, Simi Valley motorcycle accident lawyers are able to strengthen claims. Courts identify the common law tort of negligence to provide their victims with a way of recovering damages from parties at fault. It's critical to contact a proper legal firm as quickly as possible after an accident.

Motorcycle lawyers in Simi Valley review many cases and with experience, they all universally recommend to victims that the sooner they hear the details of an accident, the more likely their case can be won. Medical care providers, witnesses, police, and victims may not have a clear memory of your circumstances or motorcycle accidents for weeks after the fact.

Providing legal staff with details of your Simi Valley motorcycle accident is absolutely free and does not mandate retention. Motorcyclists place themselves in a vulnerable position on the road, but it does not excuse the car drivers from maintaining responsibility. This responsibility is broken by many actions like texting, tailgating, and speeding.

A breach of care occurs when a driver fails to take proper action on the road. This extends to failing to signal when switching lanes and stopping at red lights. The breach of duty resulting in injuries places other drivers in a position of negligence.

You Are Entitled to More Compensation Than You Know

One of the main reasons to hire Bojat Law Group is because you might be entitled to compensation you did not know about and did not expect. Your compensation in the form of damages can extend from out-of-pocket loss for anything related to the accident as well as pain and suffering, whether now or in the future.

Simi Valley Motorcycle Accident attorneys will review your entire case and give you the full breakdown of things to expect. You will know with close approximation how much you will recover and how long your case will take.

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