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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Oxnard

Motorcycle accidents can sometimes be worse than car accidents due to the exposing nature of motorcycles. These accidents can lead to severe and catastrophic injuries that may take years to recover from. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident in Oxnard, contact our motorcycle accident lawyers at Bojat Law Group, APC, we can help you seek retribution.

Sadly, victims of motorcycle accidents go through a lot. The impact of the accident and the injuries sustained can be overwhelming, and even though it may seem complicated to secure the services of an Oxnard motorcycle accident attorney, it is the best action you should take.

With a motorcycle accident attorney on your side, you’ll only need to focus on recovering from your injuries while your lawyer works on your behalf to ensure you receive fair financial compensation.

At Bojat Law Group, APC, our motorcycle accident attorneys provide the best legal assistance to motorcycle accident victims. We understand your situation, and we will ensure you get the best you deserve.

Causes of motorcycle accidents in Oxnard, CA

The leading cause of motorcycle accidents in Oxnard is negligence. Here are some examples of negligent conduct that leads to motorcycle accidents.

  • Speeding or going too fast for conditions.
  • Tailgating
  • Driving under the influence
  • Failure to yield the right-of-way
  • Driving while distracted by cellphones and others
  • Neglecting to exercise care when taking turns.
  • Neglecting traffic rules and signals

Other causes of motorcycle accidents in Oxnard include:

  • Poorly maintained roads
  • Defective vehicles
  • Poor weather conditions.

Motorcycles provide little protection. So, motorcyclists are advised to always wear protective gear while riding motorcycles.

Compensation for damages in a motorcycle accident

As a motorcycle accident victim in Oxnard, you have the right to seek compensation for damages incurred. The compensation for damages in a motorcycle accident includes:

  • Pain and suffering— A motorcycle accident victim in Oxnard may pursue compensation for pain and suffering resulting from injuries acquired in the motorcycle accident.
  • Cost of medical treatments— Motorcycle accident victims can pursue compensation for the total cost of medical treatments, both present and anticipated.
  • Cost of motorcycle repair— After the accident, your motorcycle may need repairs. You have the right to pursue compensation for the cost of your automobile repairs.
  • Lost wages— motorcycle accident victims are entitled to pursue compensation for the wages lost during recovery.

How much is a motorcycle accident claim worth?

There is no fixed amount you will receive in a motorcycle accident claim. Every case is different, and the worth of your motorcycle accident claim may depend on the level of damages you incurred as a result of the accident. The more the damages, the more the settlement amount you are expected to receive.

Though it is normal for you to want the exact amount of money, the best thing you should do is secure the expertise of a skilled Oxnard motorcycle accident lawyer, who would calculate your damages, both present and anticipated, and ensure you receive maximum compensation.

How motorcycle accident lawyers assist

Dealing with the financial losses, pain, suffering, and trauma associated with a motorcycle accident on your own is not advised. You may be tempted by the promise of a quick compensation, asking yourself what you have to lose. The truth is, you have much to lose. If you’ve suffered catastrophic injuries or a permanent disability in a motorcycle accident, the quick settlement may not cover your long-term medical treatments along with other expenses you need to pay as a result of the injuries you suffered.

The best way to put your long-term well-being and health into consideration is by hiring a motorcycle accident attorney to negotiate on your behalf, an Oxnard motorcycle accident lawyer who is determined to win.

Here is how motorcycle accident attorneys can assist you:

Investigate your accident— Your motorcycle accident attorney will investigate your accident, gather relevant evidence to build you a strong case.

File your motorcycle accident claim— Your motorcycle accident lawyer will help you understand your rights as a motorcycle accident victim and assist you in filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party.

Calculate damages— You may not be able to calculate damages by yourself. You would need a motorcycle accident attorney who has the resources to employ expert analysis to calculate your damages. Especially losses that do not have a measurable financial value, such as emotional distress and pain and suffering.

Negotiate— After calculating damages, your motorcycle accident attorney will present a settlement amount to the insurance company of the at-fault party and negotiate aggressively to ensure you obtain fair compensation.

Represent you at court— Your motorcycle accident attorney will represent you in court when a fair settlement amount cannot be agreed upon. Although most motorcycle accident claims settle out of court, it is necessary you hire a lawyer ready to fight hard on your behalf.

At Bojat Law Group, APC, we are willing to go the extra mile for our clients.

How to help your motorcycle accident lawyer

Help your motorcycle accident lawyer by:

  1. Gathering evidence of your accident.
  2. Notifying law enforcement to ensure you have a police report.
  3. Seeking medical assistance and making sure you keep records of medical bills.
  4. Not accepting a settlement or negotiating with the at-fault party or their insurance company.
  5. Not posting or commenting about your accident on social media.

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If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident or you lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, Bojat Law Group, APC, is here to assist you. We have the resources and skills to assist you in obtaining justice and compensation for damages. We will negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the compensation you deserve and to set you on your path to financial recovery.

We understand no amount of compensation will bring back the person you lost, but we can ensure you get the maximum compensation to make your loss bearable and help provide you closure. We work hard and dedicate ourselves to ensuring our clients get the best legal representation.

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