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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Camarillo

Check out this article about motorcycle accidents, what your claim is worth as a victim of a motorcycle accident, and how we can assist you legally.

Motorcycle accidents are often fatal, leading to severe injuries. which could be devastating for you as a motorcycle accident victim and oftentimes, it is the fault of other vehicles. At Bojat Law Group, we are dedicated to helping you receive full compensation for your losses. Learn about how motorcycle accidents happen in Camarillo, statistics of motorcycle accidents in Camarillo, common injuries suffered by motorcycle accident victims, what to do when involved in a motorcycle accident, why you need a motorcycle accident lawyer, and what your motorcycle accident claim is worth.

How Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Camarillo?

The negligence and recklessness of other drivers are often to blame in motorcycle accidents. Common causes of motorcycle accidents in Camarillo include:

  • Distracted driving.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and hard drugs.
  • Over speeding.
  • Improper passing.
  • Tailgating.
  • Wrong-way driving.
  • Bad weather conditions.

If you or your loved ones are injured in a motorcycle accident due to the reasons above, or other reasons not stated above, you should contact our motorcycle accident lawyer at Bojat Law Group.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics in Camarillo

Motorcycles are a common form of transportation for people in Camarillo. According to the California Office of Traffic (OTS), Camarillo has an average of more than one motorcycle accident per month, that is, an average of more than twelve accidents per year.

Common Injuries Suffered by Motorcycle Accident Victims

Here are the common types of injuries suffered by victims of motorcycle accidents are:

  1. Broken bones.
  2. Burns.
  3. Concussions.
  4. Spinal cord injuries.
  5. Traumatic brain injuries.
  6. Sprained muscles or tendons.
  7. Amputations.
  8. Fractured vertebrae.
  9. Internal injuries.
  10. Severe cuts and lacerations.
  11. Severe blood loss

Injuries suffered by motorcycle riders are often severe, due to the open nature of a motorcycle. Statistics have shown that approximately one-third of motorcycle accident injuries in California are brain trauma or skull fractures related.

We at Bojat Law Group are dedicated to helping motorcycle accident victims and their families get the maximum compensation they deserve.

We will provide you with the trusted legal assistance you need to file a claim.

What To Do When Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

Bikers are warned by the California highway patrol to ride responsibly, wear a helmet at all times and watch where they travel especially in freeways and places where drivers go at high speeds, as this could pose a greater risk of accident, and the odds of fatal injuries are increased.

Here is what you should do when involved in a motorcycle accident.

When involved in a motorcycle accident you should first assess yourself for injuries, check if you are in serious pain or not, and if you are capable of standing on your feet and moving. If your injuries are critical, seek medical assistance immediately, then hire a motorcycle accident lawyer, for legal assistance. But if your injuries are not critical, then you should:

  1. Check on your passenger, that is if you had a passenger with you.
  2. Immediately notify the police.
  3. You should exchange driver’s license with the driver, collect registration, insurance information, and contact information of the driver.
  4. If possible, get the names and contact numbers of witnesses at the scene of the accident.
  5. Seek medical assistance regardless of the severity of your injuries.
  6. Hire a motorcycle accident lawyer.

To protect yourself and your interests, there are certain things you should not do as a motorcycle accident victim.

  1. Do not post or comment on social media about your accident.
  2. Do not speak to the insurance adjuster of the guilty party, or sign any documents without seeking legal advice.
  3. Do not apologize for the accident, it may be misinterpreted as an admission of fault.

Why Do You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Seeking legal assistance as a motorcycle accident victim can lead to a higher reward, than when you don’t have a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Without a motorcycle injury lawyer by your side to help you account for damages and losses, the insurance company of the guilty party will do the bare minimum for you, like paying your medical fees and fixing your bike.

However, there is a lot more to your case than just medical bills and bike fixing, you need an experienced lawyer on your side to help you get the maximum settlement you deserve. Our motorcycle accident lawyer will make sure you negotiate for lost wages, pain and suffering, and a few other claims. We will help you fight for the biggest award possible.

What Your Motorcycle Accident Claim Is Worth

The total amount you are entitled to as a motorcycle accident victim is not fixed and would depend on the severity of your injuries, and the circumstances of the accident.

Your motorcycle accident attorney will contact the guilty party’s insurance company and submit a demand for settlement on your behalf. When no reasonable settlement can be reached, our experienced team of motorcycle accident lawyers will not hesitate to take everyone involved in the case to court, including the driver.

Here are the types of compensation available for a motorcycle lawsuit in Camarillo.

  • Economic damages- economic damages include all financial costs, such as lost wages, property damage, both present and future medical expenses, and other costs you pay for, depending on the severity of your injuries and loss of earning capacity, that is if you suffer permanent injuries that would prevent you from working.
  • Non-economic damages – are claims which include losses that do not have a direct financial component, such as loss of quality of life and enjoyment, pain and suffering, emotional distress, scarring and disfigurement, and disability.


To get the maximum settlement for your claims, you need a legal advocate to negotiate on your behalf. Make sure you contact a motorcycle accident lawyer before making any statements, accepting settlements, and signing any documents.