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Mass Shooting Lawyer Los Angeles

Being a victim of a mass shooting in Los Angeles is traumatic and depressing due to the experience and harm suffered by gun violence.

Mass shootings in the US occur frequently compared to other countries, and these tragedies have become somewhat of a plague. The sad news is these incidents can happen at any place, and at any time.

If you have lost someone in a mass shooting in Los Angeles or you are a victim, and you want to seek justice, contact a mass shooting lawyer in Los Angeles from Bojat Law group. We will provide you with all the legal assistance and representation you need.

As a victim of a mass shooting, trying to return normalcy to your life may seem beyond your control, but we can assist you in getting your life back on track.

Learn everything about mass shootings, what to do when in a mass shooting, the legal rights you possess as a mass shooting victim, California gun laws, some commonly asked questions, and others.

What is a mass shooting?

No consensus exists on the definition of mass shootings. Several factors define mass shootings. The place of the shooting, whether public or not and the casualty thresholds.

A mass shooting is an incident, in which at least four persons are harmed or killed in gun violence.

Mass shooting tracker defines mass shootings as a single outburst of violence in which four or more people are shot.

Mass shootings in California

Although, mass shootings in California are low compared to nationwide occurrences. In California, mass shootings contribute to about 3% of all homicides.

According to data from the Gun violence archive, in the last eight years, California experienced an average of 44 mass shootings per year. It means that there is a mass shooting every nine days.

In recent years, California has experienced one mass shooting each week.

Legal rights for victims of a mass shooting

As a mass shooting victim, you have the right to pursue compensation for damages through a civil lawsuit.

You can file a civil lawsuit against the shooter and any other party whose negligence contributed to your harm, which includes the property owners, negligent security, and others.

Our mass shooting lawyers understand your situation and will provide you with aggressive legal representation. To obtain the maximum compensation you deserve for your full recovery.

Determining liability in a mass shooting

The shooter bears responsibility for the losses suffered. Depending on where the mass shooting occurred, event organizers, event owners, business owners, property owners, and even the government may have contributed to the harm you suffered. They may be found negligent for not providing safe premises.

Each mass shooting lawsuit varies based on the act committed and the circumstances of the case. In your case, our experienced mass shooting lawyer will help you determine the parties you can hold liable for the injuries or loss you suffered.

Gun control laws in California

The recent gun control laws shift responsibility onto gun manufacturers and retailers.

Gun dealers and manufacturers must hold the new standards of conduct. These laws, put the burden on gun manufacturers and retailers to evaluate the risk of harm and ensure that the firearm industry members may be liable for wrongful conduct that endangers the public.

They may now be held liable in a civil lawsuit for harms caused by violation of the new standards. These laws demand that gun manufacturers and retailers do not sell to people they suspect may use the firearm unlawfully and cause harm.

Suing Gun Dealers and Manufacturers

Gun manufacturers and retailers, may be sued in a civil lawsuit for negligence and willful violation of California state laws.

Gun dealers and manufacturers may be liable for negligent entrustment when they know a gun is intended for criminal use.

In addition, gun dealers and manufacturers may be held liable for damages resulting from product liability, criminal misconduct, and others.

Our experienced team of litigators can investigate on your behalf. To determine whether or not a gun manufacturer or dealer can be held liable for damages in your situation.

How Bojat Law Group Can Provide Assistance To Victims With A Mass Shooting Lawsuit

Our compassionate mass shooting lawyers can help answer any lingering questions you have about your situation, how to proceed, and the legal options available to you.

We will help you hold the party or parties responsible for your injuries liable, and ensure you seek retribution.

We will help you obtain maximum compensation for damages, to alleviate the financial burdens you may experience due to the harm suffered, or the loss of a loved one.

Some commonly asked questions about mass shootings in Los Angeles

How can I protect myself when involved in a mass shooting?

If you are ever involved in a mass shooting, the best way to protect yourself is by following the “Run, Hide, Fight model.”


You must run when involved in a mass shooting. Don’t just stand, put a significant distance between yourself and the shooter.

Make yourself a difficult target by keeping low and quiet, and moving quickly in a zigzag pattern.


If you can’t run from the shooter, hide. Hide yourself using available obstacles such as doors, desks, and others. They won’t prevent a bullet, but they will conceal you from the shooter.


When you can’t run or hide, then fight. Defend yourself using objects around you. The goal of your attack should be to disarm the shooter.

Can negligent security be liable for damages in a mass shooting lawsuit?

Yes, premises liability laws in Los Angeles obligate property owners and land possessors to keep their premises safe from risks that may cause harm.

The victim of a mass shooting at a club or a hotel can file a premises liability claim for negligence against the hotel or club.


If you still have questions regarding your situation and how our experienced mass shooting attorneys can assist you, contact us today.