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vicarious liability in california persona injury law


Vicarious liability in California refers to a legal principle where one party (typically an employer or principal) can be held responsible for the actions of another party (usually an employee or agent) if the actions were performed within the scope of their employment or agency. This means that even if the employer or principal didn't directly commit the act, they can still be held liable for the actions of their employees or agents while carrying out their duties.
why do car accidents increase during the holidays

Why Do Car Accidents Increase During the Holidays

Thanksgiving, along with subsequent holidays like Christmas and New Year's Eve, poses a higher risk for car accidents compared to other days of the year. The surge in accidents during these holidays is due to multiple factors. Some of those are increased traffic volume, rushed travel schedules, distracted driving and an increased presence of drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs leaving holiday festivities.
do drivers have to wait for pedestrians to cross the street

Do You Have To Wait For a Pedestrian To Completely Cross The Street In California?

Pedestrian and crosswalk laws regulate the safety of those walking on streets and intersections. All drivers must yield to pedestrians whether they cross on marked or unmarked crosswalks. Adherence to all pedestrian laws in California is crucial to mitigate potential accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles.
why wont california auto insurers disclose policy limits in liability claims

Why Won’t California Auto Insurers Disclose Policy Limits In Liability Claims?

Shortly after a car accident where a third party gets injured and seeks compensation for medical expenses from the at-fault driver, there's often a request for policy limits information. Typically, an attorney or public adjuster contacts the insurance company to urge them to reveal the policy limits.
Watch For These Signs Of Seat Belt Syndrome After a Car Crash 1

Watch For These Signs Of Seat Belt Syndrome After a Car Crash

Ignoring bruising caused by a seat belt post-car accident is never advisable. Such bruising might indicate seat belt syndrome, a cluster of injuries stemming from the crash that could pose life-threatening risks if left untreated. Seat belt syndrome stands as a primary injury among passengers engaged in high-impact accidents.
legal and safety steps after thousand oaks car accident

Legal and Safety Steps After Thousand Oaks Car Accident

Car accidents are both unexpected and distressing, and they can happen to anyone, regardless of how cautious a driver you may be. In such moments, when life takes an unexpected turn on the road, being well-prepared and informed about the appropriate course of action becomes paramount.
bojat law group permissive use car insurance in california

Permissive Use Car Insurance in California: What You Need to Know

Lending a car to a family member or friend is not something we are unfamiliar with. On the contrary, in most cases, everyone who has a car has done such a favor to a relative or friend at least once in their life.
car accident in woodland hills

Next Steps After a Car Crash in Woodland Hills

Car accidents, while unexpected and distressing, unfortunately occur with some frequency. When confronted with such an unfortunate event, it becomes paramount to be well-prepared and informed on the appropriate course of action.
Accident Resource Center Your Safety Net in Trouble

Accident Resource Center: Your Safety Net in Trouble

When we are faced with difficult and stressful situations such as traffic accidents, work injuries or other accidents, we often feel overwhelmed. This is the moment when access to the right source of information and support is essential.