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Thousand Oaks Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Riders of bicycles have every right to a spot on the road as those driving licensed motor vehicles.

Riders of bicycles have every right to a spot on the road as those driving licensed motor vehicles. Sadly, many drivers fail to provide the right of way, even when the cyclist has a full entitlement to it. Such negligence must be held accountable as large multi-ton vehicles can cause devastating harm. Many of the most common accidents related to bike injuries include brain trauma, back or spinal damage, bone fractures, and other less serious injuries such as whiplash as well as various strains and sprains.

Throughout the Thousand Oaks region, many people enjoy the economy and fun of bicycle rides. This is especially true as a result of the favorable weather conditions in the region. There are well over 350 miles of dedicated paths in Los Angeles, and it seems like more of the citizens are using them to their advantage.

Although most drivers are cautious to ensure their safety, bicyclists usually suffer serious injuries. Lawyers who specialize in these kinds of accidents have an intimate understanding of the cases with the experience required to achieve resolutions that are favorable for those injured as a bicycle rider.

Legal aid for Thousand Oaks Bicycle Accidents

Everywhere you look, more communities are turning to bicycles as an effective and eco-friendly means of transportation. In the event that drivers behave unsafely, the risk of riding out on the road heightens. There are dozens of quality law firms in the Thousand Oaks area that stand with victims to aid them in obtaining proper compensation for injuries and ensure that negligent drivers cannot cause additional harm.

If you have been a victim of such a circumstance, be sure that, after a collision, you take pictures of the damages to your bike and your personal injuries. Furthermore, get the phone numbers and names of all witnesses, and seek immediate medical attention by calling 911.

When motor vehicle drivers are found to be negligent, they are ordered to pay monetary damages for losses and injuries sustained on behalf of the bicyclist.

Causes of Thousand Oaks Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accident injuries can range from things as simple as bruising of the soft tissue to life-threatening, serious conditions to even death. More than 90% of serious injuries to bicycles are the result of someone being hit because they weren't seen by the negligent driver. Left turns into the oncoming bicyclist path are the more frequently reported collision. These kinds of collisions tend to occur more frequently in urban regions. Moreover, a bicyclist is twice as likely to be involved in a fatality, this is due to a lack of protection associated with being a bicycle rider.

Best Bicycle Accident Lawyers In Thousand Oaks

With years of knowledge and expertise, offering free consultations, Bojat Law Group, specializes in personal injury across the Greater Los Angeles region. They primarily handle accidents that were the result of negligence from other drivers. Sasha Bojat, Esq. of Bojat Law Group, is one of the leading Thousand Oaks Bicycle Accident Lawyers. For bicycle cases, Bojat Law Group has proven successful in securing millions for clients by delivering the best legal counsel around. #BojatLaw

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