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Simi Valley Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Most drivers fail to respect cyclists and their legal rights on the road, and it is precisely this lack of respect that is responsible for hundreds of accidents per year.

Most drivers fail to respect cyclists and their legal rights on the road, and it is precisely this lack of respect that is responsible for hundreds of accidents per year. Drivers of motor vehicles are often reckless, speeding, or texting which demonstrates a complete disregard for others on the road. This extends particularly to bicycle riders, who are some of the most vulnerable.

The main cause of Simi Valley Bicycle Accidents

Primary causes for accidents related to cyclists include motor vehicles going too fast, cyclists not making proper use of crosswalks, either failing to follow rules of the road, severe weather conditions, poor visibility, and a lack of space between drivers and cyclists.

Abuse of alcohol and other drugs inhibits the motor skills of cyclists and drivers alike, which often results in disastrous accidents. In fact, it's been proven that nearly 35% of all accidents which conclude in death are the result of this abuse. Many of the most common injuries stemming from a bicycle accident include broken bones, road rashes, open wounds, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord damage.

Regardless of whether or not your injuries are major or minor, you need to seek medical care as soon as possible. Following an accident, the spike of adrenaline often masks the injury in its full effect. Accident treatment is incredibly costly, so it's critical that you take the necessary precautions to stay safe on the road.

Precautions for Simi Valley Bicycle Car Accidents

Always wear a helmet when sharing the road with other drivers. Use proper safety signals, especially with your hands when making a left or right turn. Ensure that your mirrors are in good shape and you have headlights when riding out at night. Know the regulations of the road. Follow the traffic unless you are trying to pass someone, make a left turn, or need to avoid local road hazards. Finally, always pay attention to your riding, and never let distractions get in your way. This is achieved by avoiding the use of your phone or listening to music.

What to do after an accident

When faced with a collision, you need to immediately check for any sign of injury. Regardless of whether or not you feel pain at the moment, it's critical you check for cuts. If any small wounds are left unchecked, they could lead to severe health problems due to infections. Next, if possible, record all details of the collision from witnesses and the negligent driver. It's critical to get their insurance information as well as their name. Lastly, call 911 if you have suffered even minor injuries!

Best Bicycle Accident Lawyers In Simi Valley

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